English Tuition

Upgrade your communication skills with our English course:

English is known as the global language of business for a reason. It exists as the foundation of communication across the world and having a solid grasp of it can open many doors, both in local, and international professional spheres. 

Most English tuition courses put the focus of lessons on achieving higher marks rather than developing a deeper understanding of the language. While the student might pass the exam in this case, the information is quickly forgotten and the student is left distressed when needing to perform years down the line. 

Our English course focuses on cultivating that deeper understanding which naturally leads to better marks, but more importantly, allows for better long-term retention of their English communication skills. 

We are dedicated to improving the field of English Tuition and operate with the following fundamentals at our core.

Key highlights of our English Tuition include:

  • A well-researched course in sync with the National Curriculum.
  • Access to dedicated, expertly-trained staff.
  • Diverse content to address the needs and interests of each individual student.
  • Regular progress reviews. 
  • Individual attention, taking into account each child’s needs and abilities

English Tuition at Hounslow centres on routine to build up healthy study habits. Progress is ensured by maintaining steady guidance and repetitive practice. We have found that weekly essays are key to ensuring development as they give us a chance to view a student’s knowledge within a real-world context rather than in an unnatural question & answer setting.

Why take English tuition with us?

  • Significantly improve grammar and punctuation.
  • Build an excellent vocabulary.
  • Be inspired by excellent teachers who remain professionals in their fields.
  • Generate interest in literacy.
  • Develop strong communication skills.
  • Strengthen fundamentals and improve overall results.

We recognise that each student is unique. Students are encouraged to develop an interest in and, eventually, passion for the subject. If you are looking for English tuition that focuses on overall growth, you’ll have no need to look further.